Friday, June 1, 2012

It's Been Too Long!

Sorry!  Starting a classroom blog in the middle of the school year has left me feeling like I don't have enough time to keep it up because it wasn't part of my normal routine!

My kids are writing blog posts all the time and the folder overfloweth.

Here's a hodge podge of what you've missed in no certain order!

Moving On
This class is moving on to 2nd and 3rd grade.  So I am going to 2nd grade and in all you know that this is a split class.  My friends in 2nd grade are moving on to 3rd grade.  I am going to miss them especially Madison, Hayley, and Rainie.  They are my BEST FRIENDS!  So I am kind of happy that I get to go to 2nd grade.

By:  Jaylee

Moving On
My name is Madison and I am moving on to 3rd grade.  I am going to be in Mrs. Gray's classroom.  I am looking forward to writing in cursive.  I love to have tricky words.  I want to have very challenging spelling words in 3rd grade.  I hope that there are challenging books to read in 3rd grade too.  All of this writing tells you that I am very excited for 3rd grade.  2nd and 3rd grades are a very different world.  2nd grade is where you just start learning hard things.  3rd grade is where you are a pro at hard things.  Well maybe not exactly a pro, but very good at it.  As you can see I am very excited for 3rd grade!
By:  Madison

School is Out
I like that school is out because kids have all the time to themselves.  When they have all the time to themselves they can like that because they can be as creative as they want and play and play.  So that is why I like when school is out.
By:  Jaylee

Listening is where we listen to a book or a song on a Leap Frog or a CD player.  But you do not listen to a real song!  There are sometimes a song in between the stories!
By:  Jaylee

Reading Strategies
Reading strategies is where we go to a different class and we stay in there for 30 minutes on the strategy that we need to work on.  Some students say in their own classes.  So now you know what it is.
By:  Jaylee

Writing Table
I like the writing table.  It is fun but that is an opinion.  What we do at the writing table is we write of course, but we can write anything we want.  For instance, we can write songs, stories, poetry, messages, or cards.
By:  Jaylee
Yesterday my class found out there is a thing called Samson's Class and you can read.  You can do their spelling lists or you can get your list on there and do it.  There's these little games that you can play.  It is awesome!  So, teachers, you may want to get on your computers!
By:  Dani

We went to Eby Pines.  We skated for two hours.  I fell most of the time but it was fun anyway.  Oh, we didn't skate for two hours because some of us went to the snack bar.  There was a just girls skate, just boys skate, just 1st, 2nd, kindergarten, and young 5's skate too.
By:  Caylie

OMG!  Oh!  Sorry about the yelling.  I just found out something very exciting.  I wrote a book for the Young Author's contest.  You write a book and the judges pick 10 people out of the whole school to go meet authors.  Do you want to know what the very exciting news for me is?  I wrote a book called The Strawberry Touch.  I won the contest!  Now I am really excited!  I hope you like this story.
By:  Madison

In our classroom, we have 2 Nooks.  We use them a lot.  We use them at Daily Five.  And we use them at Free Choice.  We all love them.  We always want to use them.I love them too too too too much!  So does Mrs. Bainbridge.
By:  Hayley

Daily Five
Daily Five is fun to me because we can read to self, read to someone, work on words, work on writing, or read a book on the Nooks when it is our turn.
By:  Caylie

The Nook is a great learning resource.  I love it because I like to read on the Nook.  I like to do math on it.  I think it is a perfect resource to learn.
By:  Jaylee

Free Choice
Free Choice is fun.  We have to wait until our table's time comes up.  We get to go and play when the timer says 18:00.  It is super duper fun.  It is time for us to play!  Can you play on the computer?  Yes you can.  We can play games, play on the Nooks, read books, write, draw, or just play!
By:  Caylie

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We are doing science and we are learning about the water cycle.  We learned a song about the water cycle and it goes like this: "Water travels in a cycle yes it does.  Water travels in a cycle yes it does.  It goes up as evaporation, forms clouds as condensation, then comes down as precipitation yet it does.  Yee-haw!"- Caylie

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Math Workstations

Hi!  I'm back to talk about workstations.  Workstations are fun because we get to choose what to do for math with our partners.  And we can play on the computer and play on the Nooks when they get their screen protectors that are safe.- Caylie

Monday, March 19, 2012

Snazzy Snack

Snazzy Snack is, well, almost my favorite!  Snack Snack is fun because we get to make our own snack.  We made delicious dominoes.  The most fun part was when we got to do the fact family and eat our snazzy snack.  I loved it because I made my own and it was delicious to me.  And we also had milk but I do not know how that tasted, so I'm not talking about the milk!- Caylie

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thank you!

I am so excited to announce that both of our Donor's Choose projects were funded this week!

Thank you so much for spreading the word and supporting our projects.  We will be getting new math games for our computer and to use with our Mimio Pad AND we will be getting 2 Nook Tablets that we can use for reading books and playing math and reading games!

When our materials arrive, we'll post a ton of pictures! 

Thank you again for all of your support- with this and everything you all do to make our classroom such a wonderful place to be!  :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Steven Courtney

On Tuesday, March 13, 2012, Steven Courtney and his band came to our school and performed.  We had to jump and spin.  It was very fun!  My favorite song was "Steven and the Pirate".  Steven was a brave person.  He beat the pirates.  His band played very good music.  I think that everybody liked Steven Courtney's music and singing.  His music and singing is always good.-  Madison

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Circle Hunks and Chunks

Today we circled hunks and chunks on the slate.  First you have to go to Tux Paint and make a pretty background and then type the words with hunks and chunks.  Give the slate to kids and they will circle the hunks and chunks and that is how we do it.- Dani