Monday, March 5, 2012

Dirt Pudding

Last Thursday, we had a tasty science lesson!  We made dirt pudding to learn about different kinds of mixtures- homogeneous and heterogeneous!

Here are what a few students thought about the dirt pudding...

We made pudding, but not just pudding... dirt pudding.  I loved it!  Mmmm!  Yummy in my tummy!  It is made with Oreo cookies, whipped cream, and chocolate pudding mix.  Reminder... dirt pudding is awesome!  And that is why dirt pudding is awesome.- Dani

We made pudding.  Not regular pudding.  We made dirt pudding.  And you might be able to guess about it... oh good.  It was yum!  We made it out of milk, Oreos, pudding mixture, whipped cream, gummy worms, and it was awesome.- Caylie

One day after gym, we made dirt pudding.  I wanted to eat it but we had to make it first.  The first step was breaking an Oreo into pieces and then putting the pudding into the cup.  And then, enjoy!- Max


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