Monday, March 12, 2012

Nooks, Nooks... Show Us the Books!

Happy Monday!  I just wanted to share on here the note coming home in your child's HORSE today...

Dear Room 10 Families,

Can you feel it? It's almost spring! My class could really use help with supplies in order to finish off the school year strong. So I've created a classroom project request on a 501(c)3 charity website called  This week only, Donor’s Choose is MATCHING all donations!  So, $5 is really $10 and $10 is really $20... this could really add up fast for us!  J  Be sure you follow STEP 3 for the donation to be doubled!
I'm writing to ask for any donations possible for my students - no matter the size, it will help my kids. This week only, any donation you make to my project will be doubled! If you know anyone who is passionate about education (grandparents, friends, businesses), please pass this along. Your tax-deductible donation will have a direct impact on our 21 students (and many more in the future), and you'll hear back from our class about your impact on our learning!

To learn more or donate:
1.   Visit my Teacher Page,
2.   Choose one of my projects (we REALLY want “Nooks, Nooks, Show Us the Books”   funded!!!), enter the amount of your donation, and click "Give"
3.   During check-out, enter the word BLOOM where it says "Match or gift code", and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar.
The BLOOM match code will double your donation until the end of the day on Monday, March 19th. So exciting!

Please feel free to send me any questions you may have, and know that my students and I greatly appreciate your support.

Right now I have two projects up.  The one I REALLY want funded for our class is for 2 Nook Color Tablets.  I recently bought a Nook for myself and I LOVE it!  I’ve been using mine in the classroom and there are SO many things we could do in here if we had two for students to use.

If you have any family members who would like to support our project, we would be so grateful! 

Thanks for spreading the word and helping bring 2 Nook Color Tablets to our classroom!

Happy Spring!
Mrs. Bainbridge

If you can help or know someone who would like to, we'd be so grateful!  We're gearing up for a fun week- tomorrow Steven Courtney will be here at 1:00pm for a concert!  We're also starting our new science unit on weather and water!  I'm so excited!


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