Thursday, March 1, 2012

Playdough Words

Today we did a fun thing with playdough.  It is called playdough words.  We looked at our spelling words and shaped the playdough like letters.  I did the first word which is scene.  After we finished all of our spelling word, Mrs. Bainbridge gave us one minute to play with the playhdough.  Then we always bug her to give us more time.  So finally she gives in.  We thank her and thank her.  She is so nice.  Next time I write a blog, I will tell more!  - Madison
Can you tell he made the word "complete"?  He was pretty proud!  :)

Today we did our spelling words with playdough.  We take the playdough and roll it and shape it into a letter.  And we keep making the words.  And that is how we do our spelling.  - Dani


Angel Read said...

Haha, you're lucky your teacher has a soft heart and lets you have more time with the playdough! I love playdough too. :D

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