Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Mimio Pad

Did you know that we got a Mimio Pad from Donor's Choose a few weeks ago?  If your child didn't tell you our good news, ask them about it!  We use our Mimio Pad for EVERYTHING.  It is basically like a mouse pad that lets us interact with whatever is on the computer from wherever we are in the room.  We do so much with it and it has made our learning so much more interactive!
A few students wanted to share their thoughts on the Mimio Pad with you...

I love the Mimio Pad because we do calendar, find hunks and chunks, do our hunks and chunks, and we do tallies, math, and reading!- Jaylee

I love the Mimio Pad.  We do calendar and our hunks and chunks.  It is fun to have the Mimio Pad.- Holli


McBride said...

I love the Mimio Pad!!! I hear about it all the time, and what a great way to make the classroom even more interactive. Also, a great way to hit multiple learning styles all in the same lesson!!

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